SoCal SkateShop - So Cal skate shop hates longboarders!

Edison, New Jersey 2 comments

I ordered online from So Cal Skake Shop, and first of all I get a call back a day later saying they couldn't compete my order because they didn't have the trucks I needed, and then he says that they don't have the exact risers I need either, but I'm cooperative and alter my order and go ahead with the order, and get the ups second day delivery, and of course it comes four days later, and the order was full of defective products, and no care at all with the packing, but in a world with so many choices, I regret going to such a imitation skate shop like So Cal, so do yourself a favor and look elsewhere!

Review about: Aluma Wallet.


Mission Viejo, California, United States #617902

Sorry about your negative experience with Socal Skateshop!

It sounds like we were just doing our best to help you over the phone to get you the proper equipment.

I can assure you that we do not hate longboarders! In fact we even expanded our shop upstairs so we could have a longboard specific room. For future reference, if you believe there is a problem with your shipping, your merchandise, or simply have a question/concern, please do not hesitate to call or email us and we will be more than happy to fix the situation ASAP.


to Anonymous Mission Viejo, California, United States #624149

I am The owner of Socal Skateshop

We have served hundreds of thousands of customers And this type of review is somewhat unfair. As a consumer myself and a skateboarder for close to 40 years I would never use a site like this to try and defame someone.

To state we hate longboarders is ridiculous

Whoever you are call the shop and ask for me directly to discuss this if there is any truth in what you are stating I would like to talk to you personally as you obviously have a very sour opinion. I have 14 employees and we work very hard and do provide excellent service and support to our customers so seeing this type of comment is baffling to me


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